PC to Console: Pt. 2

It’s been about a month since I purchased my Playstation 4 in order to play a (MMORPG) game that I originally played on the PC. That game is FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

Long-story-short for those who don’t know: My PC’s graphics card died on me last year, and so I decided to take the other route with gaming.

Let’s forward to the present where I’ve played on the PS4, controller, and FFXIV for a month, and talk about the pros and cons I’ve discovered. These are purely my opinions and are more in relation to FFXIV gameplay than general MMORPG gameplay.

thumbup  Pros   

  • You have the versatility to sit how/where you want. Couch, Bed, Chair? Sure! I personally game at a desk, but I’m almost always leaning back into my comfy computer chair unless I’m typing. This allows me to game for longer periods of time without getting that tell-tale ache in my neck and shoulders that I used to get from playing on my desktop PC. (My boyfriend might argue that this is a con, haha)
  • Great for hand-eye coordinated folks. This is an obvious one. If you are great at console games, you’ll likely prefer to play an MMORPG on a console. Why? You have 16 buttons on a controller and it’s quite easy to memorize where they are and what they do even when considering combinations. Not to mention, these buttons are all within easy reach without moving your hands/fingers into unnatural positions. The average keyboard has 104 keys alone, and for an MMO you tack on an additional 20+ combinations for Ctrl #1-0 and Alt #1-0. You may not use all 104 keys, but it can be cumbersome to press combinations. I always hated the Ctrl #1-0 and Alt #1-0 combination for actions as you often used your left hand to press these but also needed your lefty for character movement (WASD).
  • It hones your ability to prioritize actions and unclutters your screen. On the PS4, you have what’s called “Cross Bars”. You have 8 separate bars that hold 16 actions each, with an optional +16. That’s 128 actions (+16). However, you can’t see these all at once nor would you want to fill all your space. You have to press certain combinations of buttons (I.E.: L1 and Triangle) to access each bar. When you’re in a pinch, you want to be able to quickly access those actions most needed. That’s when you begin customizing your bars so that have to press less combinations (using less bars) to access those actions. Controller usage, in this way, forces you to become a quicker more efficient player. PC users have the option of putting nearly every action on screen, but that can become cluttered and inefficient. If you have to glance over extra icons that you rarely use, it may take longer to locate that one that you do!

thumbdown  Cons

  • You have to purchase and attach a separate USB keyboard to chat. It’s a minor con, but a con nonetheless. It’s an extra purchase first off, and can be an annoyance if you choose to game away from a flat surface. When I gamed at my couch in the living room it was a pain to balance it in my lap and type, and then move it off my lap when I wanted to sink into my couch; rinse and repeat. Some people don’t mind this, but if you ever gamed on a PC (desktop) it will drive you nuts.
  • You can’t see/access every action as easily on screen. On PC, you are able to set up bars to put practically every action on screen easily seen and accessed. Simply drag mouse pointer and click. On PS4, you can’t. This requires a bit of memorization on your part as a gamer to remember where you put that certain ability and what combination of buttons access it. It also requires some time put into customization and prioritizing to be as efficient as you can with the room given to you. You may find that you don’t truly know what needs to be where until you’re smack dab in the middle of a hectic battle and need it ASAP. If you’re a healer (*ahem* me) then that can be particularly problematic.
  • You are limited to voice chat with other PS4 users. MMORPG’s are a great way to socialize with other players, and nothing beats voice chatting away while you run amuck. Unfortunately, I think there are more PC users than PS4 users. That means that most players utilize programs like Ventrillo and TeamSpeak to voice chat and thus leave the PS4 users in silence. This isn’t too big of a deal if you’re near a table or desk as you can set up via a laptop or similar device, but if you’re a couch or bed gamer it can become pretty inconvenient.


Just to name a few! I honestly enjoyed gaming on PC as well, and I’m not one to take one side over the other. They both have their good and bad points, of course, and it all boils down to a matter of preference over facts. I’m still withholding my judgement until after I am drowning in end-game content.

When I get to that point, I will post a final decision!

I play as Ceren Alstrahl on the Sargatanas server for anyone that’s interested!



Geek Girl Dress Code?

As Classic Game Fest edges closer, I find myself wondering what I should wear. Most girls do this when an event of any kind comes up to varying degrees. Is it going to be the cute skirt or skinny jeans? Hair up or hair down? It’s pretty common! However, I had an epiphany as I considered what to wear.

As a geek, I am having so much more trouble deciding on what to wear. Why? Because I’m a geek who is a girl. I am weighing the pro’s and con’s of what to wear based on how the outfit will be perceived/received on a geek level higher than whether or not it looks good on me.

Shame on me!

Here are the questions I’ve asked myself and the immediate responses in my head. These are the perfect examples of what the geek society has done to a geek girl’s mind!

Option #1: Should I pick out one of my geeky shirts and wear it with jeans?

“I like this. This would be comfortable, and I can pick out my favorite shirt and wear it so that everyone can see what I’m into.”

I love my geek shirts. I wear them everywhere so it only seems natural that I should do this. However, it feels like I’m trying to find a way to validate myself to other attendee’s, the guys primarily. Will they believe that I like Mario or will they think that I’m trying too hard so it must be a lie? I’m wondering, “How do I prove that I’m a real geek?”

Option #2: Should I go girly and wear something more feminine?

“Hm, I don’t know. I wouldn’t fit in if I did that. I would look displaced or like my boyfriend just dragged me along.”

There is so much wrong with this that I don’t know where to start. I really can’t believe I even had those thoughts, but that’s what this society does to you! You are made to feel like you constantly have to validate yourself. How much knowledge do you have on <this>? How much merchandise do you have of <this>? How long have you been a fan of <this>? You get the gist!

Option #3: Should I cosplay?

“That would be so much fun! Which character should I be? Well, I better find one that isn’t too revealing. – Oh, it looks like a lot of the female characters have revealing outfits. I’m just not comfortable with that.”

I’m not saying that ALL female characters in the geek industry wear revealing outfits, but a lot of them do! Not only that, but most of their body proportions are either itty-bitty tiny or nearly impossible ultra-voluptuous with teeny waists. There are girls that fit one category and others that manage utilize tools available in order to make the other work, but most of us can’t find a happy medium when it comes cosplaying. Even if we did find that happy place, that doesn’t mean that every one of us are comfortable with nearly baring it all!

Untitled Untitled2Untitled3

This is not to say that I’m not impressed by great cosplay. I’m just not impressed with the options out there for the average female!

I will say that I am incredibly relieved that I caught myself having these thoughts and banished them. I shouldn’t have to validate myself to anyone; not only as a geek but as a geek girl!

If I want to wear a frilly pink lacy dress that doesn’t even remotely look geeky then I’m going to go right ahead! I don’t know of any rule that says a geek girl can’t be girly!

The lovely Albinwonderland is the perfect example of geeky and girly!

Everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their own skin and in their own clothes. I disdain the fact that geek society has either pushed standards onto geek girls or claimed that we don’t exist at all.

We do exist, and I’ll wear whatever the hell I want to Classic Game Fest!


The Real Unicorns: Gamer Girls w/ Non-Gamer Guys

It’s crazy stupid that guys who play video games still have this misconception that girls who play are rare; that they are “unicorns”. That’s definitely being debunked in this day and age. Gamer girls are here. We’ve always been here, and we’re growing in numbers! <insert maniacal laugh>

Anyway, I’m here to reassign the title of “Unicorns”.  That’s a title that should firmly belong to “gamer girls that date non-gamer guys”.

Let that sink in. That’s right; it happens. I know this because I fall into that category. I am in a relationship with a non-gamer guy. At the beginning of the relationship, our work schedules weren’t in sync and so I had plenty of alone time to game. Now with two new jobs, they do sync up. I’m happy for more time with him, but I am also figuring out that he didn’t really have to deal with the fact that I’m a gamer until now. Now I want to game and he’s there. Now it conflicts with “us” time because we’re always together when we get home from work. This is a dynamic that crops up with any gamer dating a non-gamer, of course, but it’s usually smoothed out much earlier in a relationship.

I’ve tried talking it through with him, but there are just some things that non-gamers don’t understand. I thought we’d arrived at a compromise but when I mentioned that I wanted to game I heard that tell-tale sigh. Desperate for some sort of insight, I do what any geek would do: I hit up the internet.

Anyone else notice how many articles there are on advising gamer guys on how to handle being with a non-gamer girl? It’s damn ridiculous, I tell you! The net is overflowing with them.

  • “How to Survive Dating a Gamer”
  • “10 Things you Should Know About Dating a Gamer”
  • “Scared to Date a Gamer?”
  • “The Perfect Non-Gamer Girl”

You would think that at least a few of these would detail what it would be like for a gamer girl to date a non-gamer guy, right?  — Nope! It feels like every conversation and article written is geared towards gamer guys and their issues or lack of issues with their non-gamer girlfriends.

But what if you’re the unicorn? What if you’re the gamer girl who dates the non-gamer guy? Some people might reply, “Well then you’d just take the advice and flip-flop it!” That makes sense right? I thought so too until I googled it and began reading. I wanted to see how I could apply all this advice to my own relationship.


I saw a lot of this: “When my girlfriend does her girly things, I use that as a chance to game.”

Girls do have a lot of time consuming girly hobbies that are mostly solo activities. We do our nails, read books, watch reality t.v., binge on Netflix, do arts and crafts, and the list goes on. A lot of the time these are things that guys aren’t interested in so it works out.

So what happens when the tides are turned? Let’s put this into perspective.

Most gamer girls are a tomboy on some level. We tend to enjoy the same things that guys enjoy and our S/O’s know this. The options for what my non-gamer boyfriend does that’s either a solo activity or something I don’t want to do is depressingly scarce. It’s just not the same!

I’m certain that everything will work itself out. The dynamic of the relationship will have to change now that my gaming actually affects our time together, and I sense that he’s alright with that. However, I just wonder where all the advice is for the unicorns of the geek world.

Non-gamer guys: Do you have a girl that games? How did you adjust?

Gamer girls: Do you date a non-gamer? How does that work?

Gamer guys: Help.


Fictional Heroes

Do you look up to a character in a book, comic, or movie?

They may be fictional, but you know they can still influence you as much as any living breathing person.

I truly believe that. I grew up looking up to more fictional character than actual people. From the books I read to the video games I played, I had a variety of fictional heroes. These people were strong, determined, loyal, but were also vulnerable and conflicted. I can’t say whether or not my fascination had to do with my blossoming imagination, but I really connected with these characters.

Now you may think that flying and having super fast reflexes is the coolest thing ever. You may also be fascinated with extraordinary journeys through fantastic lands.  We all are. What I think others don’t see is how we connect with the characters beyond the fiction. They may have super powers or accomplish extraordinary things, but we see beyond that.

Take Superman, for example. Here we have a superhero that can absorb solar energy, fly, has superhuman strength, x-ray vision, and heat vision. When people see a picture of superman or flip through a comic, these are the things they think of. When a fan thinks of Superman, they think of far more. They sympathize with his humble beginnings, appreciate his love for his family, and admire his dedication to protect others. These traits are what his fans really connect with.

When we understand their nature beyond all the fictitious elements, we are truly able to appreciate the character. At the same time, their negative traits make them human and more relatable. We may have experienced something similar to our favorite character and that makes them feel all the more real.

That is credit to the author/creator. They’ve breathed real life into these characters; so much so that we become fond of them, look up to them, strive to be like them.

Some of today’s society might look upon that as wrong. They might say that people who do that live in a fantasy world and that they’re not in touch with reality. I say this isn’t true. A story is a story, in my opinion. A book from the library might tell of the struggles of a man in a war, and I might read about a heroine who saved her kingdom. Both of these are stories, and stories can touch someone personally.

I believe that if the reader has an open mind and heart, he/she can see beyond the fantastical story and even superpowers to see the true nature of fictional characters. That is how we connect to the characters, learn from them, and are inspired by them.

The first fictional character that comes to mind when I wrote this was Sorcha of “Daughter of the Forest”, a novel written by Juliet Marillier. Sorcha is just a girl when she is tasked with saving her six brothers by sewing six shirts from a painful nettle plant in order to save them from a witch’s enchantment. The story details the dozens of sacrifices she must make in order to save her family. Her dedication, loyalty, and many other traits both positive and negative make her one of my favorite characters of all time. In reading her story, I found myself touched and inspired.

Feel free to share who your fictional heroes are below! 🙂


10 Quick Tips about Geek Girls


Thought I’d throw out some short and sweet advice on females of my variety.

  1. We’re not all tomboys.
  2. We don’t all cosplay.
  3. We all have our own niche(s), and they’re all different.
  4. We don’t enjoy our geekiness (or anything else) being evaluated by geek guys. (We don’t need their validations.)
  5. We can be girly.
  6. Our skills are often just as good if not better than geek guys.
  7. We’re not unicorns! (Even if some of us may wish we were.)
  8. Geek guys: You can talk to us. We don’t bite ..hard.
  9. We don’t have a hidden agenda by being/claiming to be a geek. (All the fake geek girl crap: Who cares?)
  10. We just want to have fun!

If you think I’m so very wrong or you agree with me, let me know below!

Also, something funny:

fake_geek_girl_by_rangyrougee-d5nc70h (2)



Adventures in FFXIV: ARR

This is what my Saturday looks like so far:


It’s looking pretty good if I do say so myself.

Also, let me introduce everyone to my FFXIV character, Ceren Alstrahl.


She may or may not resemble me.. somewhat. A little. Only prettier.

Anyhow, I play on Sargatanas if anyone is curious. If you’re on that server, feel free to send me a /tell.

I promise to be nice!

The plan of action for today is to plow through the main storyline quests and get caught up. I have a tendency to get distracted by how very awesome and beautiful this game is and do random things in game. Oh well, what can I say? I have fun!


10 Most Memorable Final Fantasy Creatures

Ok, so I love the Final Fantasy series. Everyone should just know that right now. I also have Final Fantasy on the brain as I’m actively playing FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. (I play on the Sargatanas server.)

I have been an avid Final Fantasy fan since the very beginning. Now, I didn’t play them in order, but I have played most of them. This was mostly due to the fact that the first was released a year after I was born. Another reason is because I’m the second child. I’m Player 2. Big brother didn’t really let me play his consoles much, and my parents were more concerned with buying me “girl” toys. However, despite all their efforts I became interested in gaming. Half of this was through playing as Player 2. The other half was RPG’s, and Final Fantasy was it for me.

Let’s just say that Final Fantasy has always held a special place in my heart. From their wonderful storylines, heroic characters, addicting gameplay, to its beautiful music (Thank you, Nobuo Uematsu), and colorful creatures, they’ve always captivated me!

Speaking of those creatures, here’s a list of the ten most memorable and probably most recognizable of them! (This list isn’t in any specific order, FYI.)





















If I’ve left one out, do comment below. And shame on me!

Also, I’d love to hear from any other Final Fantasy fans, their history with the series, what they love about it, ect.