Flirting via Vehicles = Fail

I have a question first and then I’ll rant.

Why in the world do men think that it’s a good idea to flirt with women in their vehicles while they themselves are in vehicles?


I’m driving from home from work today on the highway. I come up on a bit of traffic and it slows everyone down from the regular speed limit. From the corner of my eye, I notice that the truck to my right is remaining almost exactly at my side. When I speed up and slow down, it matches me. This rarely happens on its own when you’re in slowed down traffic on a highway.

After a few seconds I look over sort of absentmindedly just in time to see some random older man hardcore staring me down with this creeper smile on his face. His lane was speeding up, but he was adamant about this happy creeper stare and even craned his head back as he moved forward.


Dude thought he looked like this:


When he really looked like:


I wish I could say this was the first time, but it wasn’t. This happens all the time. It’s like these men think that the windows on their vehicles are made with one-way glass.

Let me just say it right now: We can see you!

I also wish I could say that this was the worst time, but of course, it wasn’t.

I can vividly recall a time when I was pulled up to a stop light on the way home from work. (I’m sensing a pattern) I had my windows rolled halfway down because I didn’t have a/c. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and looked over. A man, all sweaty and greasy from working, was hanging out of his window pointing back at his truck and then making the “Call Me” hand gesture repeatedly.

I looked back at his work truck to see that it had a phone number written in big bold letters along with the name of the company.

I just laughed a little, shook my head, and reached over to turn my music up.

Flirting from vehicle to vehicle is not only potentially dangerous since you’re not really paying attention to driving, but it’s ridiculous in my opinion. I have yet to have any nice experiences nor have I heard of any.

So there is it. It’s my belief that this should stop. Just stop it. I hope that most women find this as unimpressive as I do, but if you don’t please feel free to tell me why below.

I’d like guys to chime in too! Do you do this? Have you thought about doing this? Do you not do this? Tell me, Tell me!

Also, cute baby below gets a firm thumbs up!




One response to “Flirting via Vehicles = Fail

  1. Unfortunately I don’t have much experience getting hit on at all, let alone in vehicles. Being a male, things aren’t quite the same, so I can’t sympathize with your situation, but I’m terribly sorry that happened to you. Getting hit on is awful, getting hit on by sleaze balls? The worst! While there isn’t a way to really prevent this from happening right now, keep your hopes up! Maybe you can install a cannon that fires pepper spray onto your vehicle. That’ll teach em! ;P

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