You’re an INFJ! – Personality Test

As a kid, I was fascinated by astrology and its potential ability to teach you about yourself through your astrological sign. I don’t mean horoscopes, but more the traits associated with each of the signs. I couldn’t get enough of learning what it meant to be me!

As an adult, I’ve ran into the Myers-Briggs personality type test. Specifically, this assessment is a “psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions”. In simpler terms, it takes a deeper more scientific look at your personality.

This personality test is used widely among employers, but I don’t think it should be exclusive to the work environment. It can teach you a lot about your personality by breaking it down to four determining traits.




For example, I am an INFJ:   I-introvert, N-intuitive, F-feeling, J-judging.

You are either:

Introvert or Extrovert

Intuitive or Sensing

Feeling or Thinking

Judging or Perception


The above traits are categorized as:

Introversion/ Extroversion  are “Attitudes”, preferences for the way that we function cognitively.

Intuitive/Sensing and Feeling/Thinking  are “Functions”, with intuition and sensing being information-gathering function and feeling and thinking being decision-making functions.

Judging/Perception  are “Lifestyle Preferences”, preferences to how we react to the outside world.





If you are anything like me, you will find the results of this personality test ultra-fascinating. I really can’t get enough of learning about myself.

Nifty little fact: The creator of the MBTI was the same type as me!

*I’d like to note that if you do take the test, be very critical of yourself. Choose answers that best fit how you act and feel. Don’t choose answers that sound best to you or that are ideal in your mind because you may not always act or feel that way! That also won’t result in an accurate profile.


Here are two sites that you can take the MBTI for Free:

16 Personalities



After you get your results, feel free to come back to this post and view the charts below that will tell you your Star Wars and Harry Potter personality match!


star_wars_mbti-819x1024    tumblr_mt1ji5IGDX1qf6wsqo1_1280-820x1024






4 responses to “You’re an INFJ! – Personality Test

  1. I seem to fall under the category INTP. It’s definitely an interesting personality test. I often feel I assess the situation heavily before going into it, trying to find the best logical approach first. My girlfriend tells me pretty often that I have a very objective personality towards situations, especially when they don’t involve me hahaha The one thing I find interesting about the personality tests usually provided by horoscopes and astrological signs is the “compatibility with others” segment. Like how people classified as Taurus can be stubborn and therefore don’t get along with others with of that sign.

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    • Yeah, I get complains from my boyfriend that I over analyze things and that I plan too much. Lol. Apparently I need to go with the flow more often but it’s something I’m working on. He’s an extrovert, if that makes more sense.

      Astrology is always interesting to me too! Yeah, some signs tend to butt heads, so to speak. And I’ve found that to be true in a lot of cases. My brother is actually a Taurus and he’s very hard headed. Then you have my boyfriend and I, two Scorpio’s, and we’re both very head strong.

      Glad you took the test! I enjoyed reading about my type a lot.

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  2. I really love the Myers-Briggs test. It’s crazy how accurate the description is for the personality types. I’m actually a fellow INFJ too! Reading everything I was able to about my personality type has made me think about how I act and how others might perceive me. It does give you another tool for further trying to understand yourself a little better, aside from being fun to think about! 🙂

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    • It really is surprisingly accurate and detailed, isn’t it? Oh, glad to hear you’ve taken it AND you’re an INFJ?! That’s great!

      I believe that it’s really important to turn your view inward and learn about yourself. Self-discovery is key to living a happy healthy life. 🙂

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