Has the Playstation 4 Finally Done It?

Before I get into what that cryptic title means, let me give everyone a little update.

I have been living Austin now for a month. I’ve landed a great job, found an amazing apartment, and the move will be complete next Friday, June 3rd. I really can’t put into words how excited and grateful I am that everything fell into place the way I wanted. It happened so neatly, in fact, that I worry that karma is going to balance it all out and my arm might just spontaneously fall off. Haha. Let’s hope not!

Next month is the Classic Game Fest here in Austin. I will be attending that, taking lots of pictures, and sharing my experiences there. If you’re unfamiliar with it, click HERE.

So now back to my cryptic title. I might disappoint in that I don’t have any dirt or scoop on Sony or the PS4. In fact, it has more to do with me than the console itself.

A bit of backstory: I haven’t owned a console since the PS2. <Pause for shock.> When it first released, money was my first issue. Consoles are getting hella’ expensive. However, after some time I really didn’t feel a strong desire to buy it.

You may or may not know, but I’m an RPG gal. I love me some RPG’s, and I really didn’t see all that many being released for the PS3 that I was interested in. (Also, X-Box fans.. Shush. I did check there too.) Sure, Final Fantasy made it’s move forward but other than that I didn’t feel the pull to follow. Truly, a very odd thing.

Then the PS4 released and this bugger is even more expensive than the PS3. Seriously, Sony, my wallet is screaming for mercy. I didn’t buy the PS4 either.

So here I am in 2015 PlayStation-less. I really didn’t have any intention of changing my opinion. The past couple of years, I have played PC. Specifically, I played Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

But something both shitty and magical happened recently. My graphics card started to fail, and just as I began considering how much it would cost to replace it, the Final Fantasy VII remake was revealed.

Well there you go, folks. Not only is FFXIV playable on the PS4, but now they are remaking one of my favorite games. SOLD.

I know that this remake might not meet my expectations. It might even be so bad that it’ll make me sick. But that, my dear friends, is how much sway the Final Fantasy series has over me. What can I say? I do love me a good RPG, and despite recent lackluster titles in the series, they’re rarely a bad one.

Anywho, that remake reveal sparked a tiny fire of curiosity in me. I’ve since taken the time to really explore the games released and to-be released for PS4. I’ve even touched into the PS3 realm some, and I was pleasantly surprised that I rediscovered that drive to play the newer games. It’s like I’ve been reborn!

So to answer my question above: Yes. The PS4 has re-sparked my interest in next generation gaming!



31 responses to “Has the Playstation 4 Finally Done It?

  1. Square Enix seems to be taking a turn for the better, doing things that people actually want. A PS4 is a solid buy for any FF fan – VIIR is coming, World of FF is also coming to PS4, XV is coming (someday, but it’s coming); if they decide to keep remastering/remaking FFs it’s certain that PS4 will be considered.

    Nevertheless, the real jewel right now is XIV. It looks and runs great on PS4, and even supports being played with a keyboard/mouse combo in case the switch to dualshock is too alien for oneself. I haven’t seen HW on PS4, but a friend that does says it looks better than ever!

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    • You know, I completely forgot about World of FF! I really like the fun lighthearted look to it, and I will definitely be buying it. 🙂 I’m glad to hear others enjoy FFXIV on PS4. I was hesitant about it since I’ve been a PC gamer the last 5 or so years but I’ve heard nothing but good things! Thanks for the comment!

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  2. It was definitely a smart move for Square Enix to bring this game back to life. I can definitely understand why they haven’t for so long though. They’re forced to build up the same game from scratch with voice actors and revamped graphics. It’s definitely not as easy as FFX HD since all they had to do with that was touch up things. Welcome to the PS4! (when you get it) Things are definitely looking bright for Sony 😉 FFXIV is also a pretty solid game and with the latest expansion coming out last week, there is definitely plenty of content to keep you busy for a while!

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    • You’re definitely right. The build up was insane! I can’t decide if I want to be angry with them or in awe. Smart move on their part!

      And thank you! I’m seriously dying to get my hands on a PS4 to play FFXIV. It’s been way too long. I’ve missed out on trying the new content in the newest patches and now the expansion! I’m ready to go back to Eorzea. Like now. Lol. But, of course, I want to play other games as well. The PS4 is giving me the option to play my favorite MMORPG and console games. It’s a perfect match.

      Also, thanks for following and commenting!

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      • Of course! Bloggers Unite! ;P What server are you on for FFXIV? I was on Cactuar, but I quit about a year ago. Getting caught up on content was a bit of a downer since all we were getting were bits and pieces of a larger story. The expansion was definitely needed.

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      • Woot!

        I am on Sargatanas, which I believe is a legacy server but I honestly have no ties to it. If I find people to game with I’d consider transfering. Who knows. And yeah, but I didn’t play too much so I always seemed to have so much to catch up on. Now it’s just doubled with the expansion. Which I’m totally fine with! 😀

        What classes did you play/like?

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      • I leveled up all the Disciples of War to get that sweet title Warmonger ;P Otherwise I really enjoyed Warrior and Monk. I’m really looking forward to trying out Dark Knight with the new Expansion. I’d be willing to leave too, but I have a tiny guild house I got with my friends before they quit and I’m absolutely obsessed with decorating it too hahah
        What classes did you end up playing?

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      • Oooh, Disciples of War kinda guy, huh? I played Monk of FFXI online for a while and it was fun. It looks pretty fun on FFXIV too. Dark Knight looks epic. I’m more into versatile hybrid support role types. Classes that can change to suit the situation. “Currently” I’m leveling Scholar. And I have my eye on other similar roles. Even the new Astrologian class looks neat.

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      • Ah nice, always great to meet another FFXI fan. I was all about Samurai and Range for that game. Nothing like dishing out a fat amount of damage and then getting one-shotted. My poor Tarutaru HP barely ever got passed 900.
        Scholar is handy to have in the party! I love how they can throw DoTs on the enemies and heal. Very versatile in dungeons and always a pleasure to play with! If you ever go back to it and are looking to join Cactuar, I’d be happy to play with you 😉

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      • Yeah! Well I can’t help it if it’s a Final Fantasy game. I actually played FFXI before I played WoW. Then I went back and forth a lot before FFXIV. Samurai was the bomb. My brother played one so I got to see a lot of what it was all about. — Glad to hear you like Scholar! I love their versatility too. It also makes them a little less straightforward to play and I like that bit of complexity.

        I’ll be playing again hopefully some time the end of next month! I’ll let you know when I do and if I have the funds, I’ll transfer. Like I said, I don’t have anyone to actually play with so I don’t mind transfering. 🙂 Are you currently playing?

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      • No, I quit sometime last year because I caught up for most of the content and wanted more to work with but have been contemplating coming back once the expansion game out

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      • Well there you go! More content to work with via the expansion. I say go for it. 🙂 I was always behind but I’m ok with that because I tend to take my sweet time with all of it anyway. Besides, you could let me know how the expansion is!

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      • Yeah, I’ll definitely let you know. Probably going to blog about it at some point anyways haha. So far I hear good things. Definitely a welcomed edition from what I hear. I know it came down between going to the sky or underwater as the potential expansion ideas. I was really hoping that we’d get water since so many other MMO’s are doing sky-related content, but who knows? Maybe they’ll go underwater for the next expansion. Undersea exploration definitely sounds like it could be a lot of fun! 😉

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      • I look forward to reading it!

        I didn’t know that’s what they were deciding between. That’s really cool. I know it took WoW a long time before they started doing more underwater themes. It’s definitely not a common thing.

        Still, I like the idea of being able to fly freely through Eorzea like you can in WoW. That’d be neat.

        Either way, I’ll be playing it for a long time to come. ^-^

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      • Yeah Final Fantasy MMOs definitely have a loyal fanbase like WoW. You just find yourself wanting to go back to it no matter how long you’re away from it. I have several friends who can’t really quit WoW. I actually even went back to FFXI not too long ago. If they didn’t change the game so much, I would have kept at it! But it’s such a different game now ;(

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      • Yeah definitely. I’ve always loved the Final Fantasy series. I can’t seem to let them go.

        Also, I didn’t know they had changed FFXI a lot! I haven’t played in so long though, and you never really hear about it anymore.

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      • I like to follow it for nostalgia’s sake, so I like them on Facebook. They’ve done a lot to really spice up the game once they announced the 1.0 version of FFXIV that tanked. They jumped the level cap of XI to 99 and added a few new jobs too. Right now they’re doing a Farewell campaign. Square Enix is officially done with adding any more new content to the game once November comes, so they’re releasing a couple of updates until then. So far it’s very lackluster from what my friend tells me. It’s really unfortunate ;(

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      • Yeah, I imagine it’s not doing too well anymore. But at least FFXIV is. I guess you have to take the bad with the good in that regard.

        Well I can’t wait to get back to playing. It’s been too long since I’ve gamed!

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      • Square Enix definitely went in a different direction with FFXIV than they did with FFXI. The two games almost seem like polar opposites in the way that you play them. While I know most people played it because it was an official installment in the Final Fantasy World, the game itself was really slow. It took so much time to get anything done. A lot of my friends quit because they had no patience to see it through. The people that really stuck through it required quite a bit of dedication.

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      • Oh, I absolutely agree. I had a love-hate relationship with the partying system that you had to rely on in FFXI. I loved that it sort of forced you to at least be a little social on a MMORPG because a lot of people seem to forget to be friendly. Yet I hated that I couldn’t just go off on my own and solo a lot of the game. The time it took to complete things was definitely crazy. You really couldn’t get much done on FFXI if you only had a couple hours a day to play, but I did admire that it was challenging in that sense. I don’t know, definitely a love-hate thing for me.

        The balance that FFXIV has created between solo and party play is one of the reasons that I love it, though. I like that I have the option to choose how I want to play, but that it does require some party play. Is it just me or do people forget they’re playing a MMORPG sometimes? Lol. I love interacting with other gamers.

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      • Yes! That love-hate relationship was terrible! Waiting for a party to form could practically take the whole day and while I hated waiting, I needed to continue… Square definitely took FFXIV in a different direction to stray as far away from needing people that they could. Still, I miss how you were required to be social to get places. FFXIV’s pick up group style was also a little isolating. While you may make friends in the dungeons, most of the time they’re on different servers so you never really get to see them again unless you really try to keep in contact. Unfortunately there just isn’t enough time to really make friends in the 20-40 minutes it takes you to finish a dungeon. I definitely understand that it’s faster to get to the top in FFXIV, but I miss all the work that was needed. It felt more rewarding to get your stuff in FFXI and I think I like that better.
        FFXI also had a more patient community (most of the time) I had plenty of experiences with rude people in FFXIV who just quit if things weren’t going well. It’s unfortunate that the communities are so different for the games too. I enjoyed the camaraderie in FFXI. I still talk to the friends I made there. But yes I love interacting with other players in the game. Sometimes they take this stuff so seriously ;P

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      • Yeah, that’s the big difference between the two. The players are very different. I did join a very friendly and helpful Free Company on my server just before I stopped playing. They were always chatting and making sure if anyone needed help that they were getting it. I guess you just have to find the right one to join and it makes the whole experience a lot better. But I definitely agree with you. It felt a lot like people were just doing their own thing and ignoring everyone else. It’s like, C’mon, there are other people playing! It wouldn’t hurt you to be friendly! — Ah well, I think there are players like that in every MMORPG. Just gotta deal with them to find the really nice people.

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      • Exactly! That’s really the key to any MMO. The difficulty is just finding those people! There are a lot of two-faced individuals in these kind of games too. While it’s insufferable at times, getting to meet quality people definitely makes the experience worth it. If you do come to Cactuar, while my guild is small, I definitely look forward to playing with you 😉

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      • Yeah, it’s a task for sure. I don’t know why people join and play an MMO and then go one to ignore and alienate the other players. They should just stick to offline games with all that attitude, lol.

        Well, I’m definitely considering transferring to Cactuar. It’ll be nice to know someone who has the same video game values that I do, haha. And I’m sure your guild is full of good people too. 🙂 I look forward to it.

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      • Actually it’s just me! I left a little after most of my friends did, and since I’ve been gone at least a year, the guild house is definitely collecting dust right now, if it’s still even around. I heard that housing gets taken down with inactivity, so I might even be guildless D; But either way, if you’re still interested in going to Cactuar, I’ll be there to welcome you! 😉

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      • LOL. So definitely small! Haha. Well, it could be that they did take it down due to inactivity. Still, like I said, it’ll be nice to actually know someone who plays versus just jumping back in blindly. Thanks for the invite!

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