Geeks Get Fit!

You may be under the assumption (or not) that geeks aren’t fit people — That they sit around with their video games, comics, and/or books doing nothing most of the time.


There are actually a lot of fit geeks and quite a community of them. From dedicated cosplayers to geeks that live the healthy life, there are so many resources for you should you want to join them!

One such resource is Nerd Fitness. (Clicky!)

The creator, Steve, has put together an awesome website with a blog, forum, his own set of resources, and finally, the Nerd Fitness Academy. The NF Academy is where it’s at, ladies and gentleman. Imagine you could gain experience and level up by doing quests that apply to your real life and that’s what this academy is. You pay a one-time fee and have full access to all of the website’s features for life. This includes a 100% money-back guarantee.

There are even several Tumblr pages dedicated to geek fitness such as:





Also, let’s not forget blogs! 😀

One of my favorites is the blog: Geek Fitness

Geek Fitness is the blog linked to the first tumblr above, but if you like to read as well as appreciate pictures, then the blog version is for you!

And, a blogspot: Geek Fitness Network

Beyond that, geeks have quite a collection of work out attire available to them! If you followed me on Geeky ‘n Girly, you may remember me mentioning Look Human – Which has a huge selection of geeky work out clothes that include some of my favorites:

Trust me when I say that I have a huge list of work out tanks, shirts, and sweatshirts that I want, no need, to buy. Haha.

Why do I need them? Why am I jabbering on about geek fitness? Well, because I am a geek with my health on my mind. I’m not the type to diet and exercise just to reach a goal and then stop. I’m currently in the midst of making an entire lifestyle change as well as doing a walk-to-run exercise program. — And this is coming from a girl that didn’t play sports, disliked gym, and was relieved that marching band took the place of gym in high school!

So be prepared for more fitness posts as I track my progress and try to encourage other geeks to get fit too!



6 responses to “Geeks Get Fit!

  1. 😀 my first comment on you’re new blog.. I’ll try not to mess this up.

    Being fit is a good thing… I’ve started and fallen off the fit train on numerous occasions, but i know where my weakness lies and I too I’m working at getting fit. mine is less about the work out and more about bad eating habits… so find those much needed workout tanks and get to work 😉


    • Hello hello! 😀

      I’m so glad you followed over to my new blog. Thanks so much. I was keeping on eye on whether or not you had, honestly. You’re one of the followers that’s always nice enough to comment.

      I’m black and blue from falling off the fit train, so I can relate completely. So far I’ve completed a month’s worth of healthy eating and working out. It feels good, my body feels good, life feels good. 🙂 It also helps to have a roommate/boyfriend who is on board as the food in the kitchen stays healthy and it’s good competition and inspiration.

      I will be getting those work out tanks soon, I promise! I guess I’ll have to take pictures when I do.


      • lol really? aww that means a lot that you consider my comments. It helps that you write really well.

        Oh and you’re right about having helps. Its nice to have that support when doing things that may be considered tough. Maybe you’re updates will be considered the help I need to get back completely fit.


      • Yes! I even had to track down your blog so that I could follow you via this one. 🙂 I wanted to make sure that we reconnected, so to speak.

        And thank you! I appreciate it. And yes, let’s get fit together!

        Geek Fitness FTW!


      • aww thanks for tracking it down (re-connection complete). means a lot.

        I was actually waiting for a while for your next article, wondering if you’d quit writing. good to know you didn’t leave the interwebs.

        “Geek Fitness FTW” would make for a nice T-shirt print lol


      • Nope, I’m still here! Kelly and I just decided to go separate routes even though I’ll definitely be promoting her stuff when she gets up and running.

        And yes, yes it would! 😀 Hmm.


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