10 Quick Tips about Geek Girls


Thought I’d throw out some short and sweet advice on females of my variety.

  1. We’re not all tomboys.
  2. We don’t all cosplay.
  3. We all have our own niche(s), and they’re all different.
  4. We don’t enjoy our geekiness (or anything else) being evaluated by geek guys. (We don’t need their validations.)
  5. We can be girly.
  6. Our skills are often just as good if not better than geek guys.
  7. We’re not unicorns! (Even if some of us may wish we were.)
  8. Geek guys: You can talk to us. We don’t bite ..hard.
  9. We don’t have a hidden agenda by being/claiming to be a geek. (All the fake geek girl crap: Who cares?)
  10. We just want to have fun!

If you think I’m so very wrong or you agree with me, let me know below!

Also, something funny:

fake_geek_girl_by_rangyrougee-d5nc70h (2)




2 responses to “10 Quick Tips about Geek Girls

    • I’m glad you liked it!

      I’m also more comfortable around geek guys because my only sibling is my older brother and all of my cousins are boys. Of course, almost all of them were geeky. So I get what you mean. Any geek girlfriends of mine are either just online or out of state, unfortunately. I think the geek girls in the city where I live are like an endangered species.. Or in hiding. Haha.

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