Hello, hello.

I would like to introduce myself!

My name is Britney. I was born in San Diego, CA, but was raised and continue to reside in TX. My childhood was an interesting one. I was raised on 10 acres of mostly uncultivated land and so I like to joke that I was a wild child. Truth is that the outdoors wer my main form of entertainment for many years. I climbed trees, collected rocks, the works,and had tons of pets ranging from hamsters to horses. So naturally I’ve grown into quite a nature lover.

At the same time, my family already owned the original NES when I was born. You could say I was destined to be somewhat geeky. (Who would’ve thought I would turn out quite this geeky?) But I digress. Of course, my brother lost interest in the great outdoors before I did and took to staying inside with a controller in his hand. So to appease him and entertain myself, I started to play video games with him. Player 2, of course.

That bit of gaming turned me to the geeky side. Since then I have taken on several hobbies. I have played tons of video games on console and PC, but currently only play FFXIV: ARR. I am an avid reader of mostly fantasy fiction and sci-fi fiction novels. I craft here and there; making perler bead sprites, painting keepsake boxes, and teaching myself to crochet. I have a good deal of Magic: The Gathering cards that are unfortunately collecting dust as I have no one to play with. I also have quite a collection of geeky merchandise pertaining to Final Fantasy, Mario, Harry Potter, and many other fandoms.

I am a young woman of many hobbies, interests, and passions! Yes I am geeky, but that’s not all. (Hence the blog name!) I enjoy fashion and trying new make-up. I love learning about other cultures, history, and language. I can’t live without music, and therefore dancing is a favorite. Oh, and writing, of course!

I wanted to mention that I am not entirely new to blogging. My first blog formed from a partnership with a good friend of mine and was called Geeky ‘n Girly. Because she and I wanted to branch off on our own, we are retiring Geeky ‘n Girly.

What will you see here as far as content? Everything. Video games, anime, music, pop culture, geek culture, books, hair product reviews, make up reviews, geeky merchandise, fitness, outdoors, jewelry, crafting, ect

That’s it in a nutshell, I think. If you have any questions or are curious about anything, do ask. I hope that if you’ve read this far, you’ll subscribe and visit again!



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